Anna Bittle

Foundry Collective is so proud to have Anna Bittle's incredible artworks on our marketplace. 

The Inspiration 

I've always had a love for creating, not only drawing but being hands-on in general. I completed a Visual Communication Design degree and although I was designing throughout my studies, I didn't have much time for my own personal drawing. However early last year I had some time to really sit down and rekindle that passion.

Once my friends and family saw what I was able to do, they started telling me to do more so I continued creating and posting my work online, not really expecting anything.

I started out with mostly animals, which I love, and I began receiving amazing feedback as well as some commission work, mostly of people's pets. From there I have expanded both my subject and my medium, drawing celebrities and people as well as some coloured pencil work.

The Creative Space

The majority of my creative work gets done around home, a lot of the time spread out where I can drink my coffee and have my dog at my feet! Since a lot of my drawings are quite large I take up quite a bit of space, therefore I tend to do my drawings either in the kitchen, dining room or at my desk at the end of the house away from noise and distraction, especially if I'm filming a time-lapse. I also get a lot of my drawings done at markets I attend.

The Passion

It's still quite new for me but I must say the way my art has an emotional affect on people. Seeing someone receive one of my commissions and seeing their face light up is wonderful. Even if it's just a random piece of work I have done and personally makes someone else happy, that's what I love.

I also enjoy the freedom I have with the work I do. I never saw my drawings becoming anything more than just that, but all the positive feedback and messages I have received over the past year have been inspirational and make me so happy, so thank you to everyone who has given me such positive feedback.

Having my work make other people both happy and inspired. Each piece I do is unique and it's that authenticity that I believe people really love.


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