Christina Graham


Christina was the very first of Foundry Collective's many awesome artisans!


Born and raised in Tasmania, Christina Graham is a talented Video Artist and Illustrator. Passionate about natural occurrences, Christina explores the space between people, spaces and countries. Christina has provided work for private commission, brand design, children's books, stationery and product copy.

'I've always drawn and painted, this year I decided to make more of a conscious effort to focus on painting as a creative outlet. At the moment I just have a small set up in my bedroom.  I have a bit of ritual before I start painting, always have a cup of tea on hand and all my paints lined up. My small business gives me freedom as well as an opportunity to explore different and new places and people that I usually won't go to or meet. 

So far my biggests triumph has just been getting my website live.  I'm hoping in the future to display my work in galleries and have a more global audience.'

Christina Graham, Watercolour Artist

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