Jackie Ryder

Jackie Ryder is a textile designer based in Dunedin. Her work comprises of products including cushions, purses, scarves, tote bags, tea towels and aprons using the textiles she designs.
The Inspiration: 
I have always loved textiles and drifted into 'pattern design' following completion of an Interior Design degree. 3 years ago I completed an online course in Surface Pattern Design which got me started on making repeat patterns. Since then I have really enjoyed combining photography, drawing and digital design to create my patterns.
The Creative Space:
I work from home with screen printing taking place in the garage, while sewing and designing takes up a couple of rooms inside !
The Passion: 
I enjoy being in charge of the whole process right from designing my own labels to sewing most of my products. 
It can seem to take forever, but I enjoy the challenge of developing ideas into something that can be transferred onto a usable surface. When a package from the printers arrives in the mail, it always exciting seeing the results for the first time!
I am always amazed at how a fabric pattern takes on a new life when it is turned into a useful product.
It is satisfying to know someone will enjoy my work and appreciate the steps involved in the making of that product.
Collaborating with other creatives is also fun and something I like to do.
Jackie Ryder – Textile Design

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