Time Piece

We're excited to feature prints from Beatrice Stanners - Foundry Collective's in-house artist

"Growing up, I have been inspired by the beautiful country I live in and the people who surround me. I have always been passionate about the great ideas, channelling this love through visiting the surf and creating pieces of art. I see art in all forms. I believe the world is your sketchbook, waiting to be marked, etched and splattered. Sometimes it’s tempting to want to take out an eraser but I believe the final masterpiece is most beautiful with its scars and scratches.

I never really planned to start selling art prints. I guess it all started on a rainy Saturday in 2016. Modern technology made it too easy to set up a small online cake business which evolved after cake requests from friends. From that moment on life became a fluster of cakes, icing and of course imperfections! However, every imperfection are stepping stones and every cake has imperfections! Since then, I’ve begun my blog to share favourite recipes and added to this creative outlet by selling some of my prints.

Overall, it’s easy to say I am in love with New Zealand. The people, the places and just the beautiful country. As Mother Theresa states, “Do small things with great love”. I hope you enjoy your print as much as I enjoy being inspired by the beautiful Aotearoa."

- Beatrice


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