Niche Textile Studio

Christine Brimer is the incredible artisan behind Niche Textile Studio. The picture below shows her loom- the tool she uses to carefully and lovingly create each product. 


The Inspiration:
In each of my vocations, I have always looked for opportunities to solve problems. At 48 I took the plunge to study the rigourous technical and critical thinking skills of design. Studying Textile Design at Massey University’s College of Creative Arts helped me learn to make meaningful work that resonates with others while addressing concerns for sustainability.
The Creative Space:
I am lucky to have a dedicated work space with a view over Lyall Bay, Wellington. My 2 looms take up most of the studio, but on the walls there are lovely works made by my children and friends, or collected from travels, to inspire me and keep me company. Radio NZ National is always on and there is usually a cup of tea to hand.
The Passion:
As much as designing, resolving and making I love meeting customers, studio visitors and other makers; hearing their stories and identifying things we have in common. Probably symptomatic of otherwise working solo!


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