Crown and Feathers

The Inspiration 

My designs are inspired by the world around me - vintage china and kitchen ware, and the natural world, particularly birds! I always start the design process with a pencil or paint, and try to retain that hand drawn feel as I resolve my designs. I screen print each tea towel by hand myself.

The Creative Space

My creative space is a terrible mess! there are never enough hours in a day to do everything, and the studio clean up  list never seems to get ticked off!

The Passion

I have always created, and I always will. If I didn't do this for a job, I would do it in my spare time. I consider myself to be a Maker - making is such an important part of the design process for me. I would hate to be a designer working for someone else without being able to work ideas through to completion - so much changes between the first text print and the final product, sometimes what seems like a great idea and looks great on the computer just doesn't work on the final product.

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