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Anna Bittle
  Your Inspiration... I've always had a love for creating, not only drawing but being hands-on in general. I completed a Visual Communication Design degree and although I was designing throughout my studies, I didn't have much time for my own personal drawing. However early last year I had some time to really sit down and rekindle that passion. Once my friends and family saw what I was able to do, they started telling me to do more so I continued creating and posting my work online, not really expecting anything. I started out with mostly animals, which I love, and I began receiving amazing feedback as well as some commission work, mostly of people's pets. From there I have expanded both my subject and my medium, drawing celebrities and people as well as some coloured pencil work. Your creative space... The majority of my creative work gets done around home, a lot of the time spread out where I can drink my coffee and have my dog at my feet! Since a lot of my drawings are quite large I... More
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At Large Audio
The team behind At Large Audio are Sam Bennett and C.P. Moore. Sam - a drummer and guitarist and C.P. - a pianist and keyboardist, have been in bands together since 2004. Sam and C.P. have always loved music and the outdoors. They believe that today when everything is portable, music lovers should be able to listen to their favorite songs at the volume they like wherever their travels may take them. They should be able to throw an impromptu party while camping in the middle of nowhere or amp up the atmosphere at a pub when the stereo is not keeping up (this may have actually happened). If you sing from the same songsheet, then you will love At Large Audio's hand made speaker suitcases.  
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Ball and Chain
Tessa is the talented jewellery designer behind Ball and Chain.  What inspired you to start? I have always loved making my own accessories and it got to the point where I had way too much to wear on my own so thought I would start going to local markets.  Describe your creative space. My create space has boxes upon boxes full of bits and piece that I mix and match to make my earrings. The desk is where I mould my clay pieces and then construct the earrings. There is lots of colourful art on the walls and cushions on the couch. My little bluetooth speaker always has music pumping. What do you love about your small business? I love getting to be creative and make unique pieces that I love. It is a huge bonus that others love them too and want to buy them :)    More
Christina Graham
Born and raised in Tasmania, Christina Graham is a talented Video Artist and Illustrator. Passionate about natural occurrences, Christina explores the space between people, spaces and countries. Dividing her time between Australia and New Zealand, Christina has provided work for private commission, brand design, children's books, stationery and product copy. 'I've always drawn and painted, this year I decided to make more of a conscious effort to focus on painting as a creative outlet. At the moment I just have a small set up in my bedroom.  I have a bit of ritual before I start painting, always have a cup of tea on hand and all my paints lined up. My small business gives me freedom as well as an opportunity to explore different and new places and people that I usually won't go to or meet.  So far my biggests triumph has just been getting my website live.  I'm hoping in the future to display my work in galleries and have a more global audience.' Christina Graham, Watercolour Artist More
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Ella Meisel, a talented artisan, creates uniquely etched wooden accesories. Ella is skilled in laser cutting and etching intricate, applying her designs to high quality bamboo mobile phone cases and detailed jewellery made from NZ native Matai timber. Her designs are inspired by the bush and beaches of West Auckland. Ella believes in using natural, r ecyclable materials as much as possible to make items you can be proud to own.  
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Handwoven blankets, ponchos, cusions and scarves made from 100% natural fibres.
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Five Star Slippers
Sandy Cooper is one of the talented artisans behind Minnie Cooper brand "Five Star Slippers", crafting beautiful and comfortable slippers here in NZ.  
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Jackie Ryder Design
Jackie Ryder is a textile designer based in Dunedin. Her work comprises of products including cushions, purses, scarves, tote bags, tea towels and aprons using the textiles she designs.     What inspired you to start? I have always loved textiles and drifted into 'pattern design' following completion of an Interior Design degree. 3 years ago I completed an online course in Surface Pattern Design which got me started on making repeat patterns. Since then I have really enjoyed combining photography, drawing and digital design to create my patterns. Describe your creative space. I work from home with screen printing taking place in the garage, while sewing and designing takes up a couple of rooms inside ! What do you love about your small business? I enjoy being in charge of the whole process right from designing my own labels to sewing most of my products. It can seem to take forever, but I enjoy the challenge of developing ideas into something that can be... More
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Karen Zheng
Karen Zheng is an Auckland based designer and jeweller. All pendants, rings and bracelets are handmade in Auckland at home and in her studio. Pieces are made by the loss wax method. First a wax carving is made and then cast in either silver, white bronze, brass or copper. With a background in fine art, her venture into jewellery, though self taught, was a natural progression. Because each piece is hand made, please allow for slight differences in each piece.
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Kubb Brothers
The Kubb Brothers, Sam, George and Freddie are the talented artisans behind New Zealand's premium handcrafted Kubb Sets ,made in Hawke's Bay.  What inspired you to start? A few years ago in Europe, Kubb Brother #1 discovered the little-known largely-loved Swedish game kubb. When he returned to Hawke's Bay for Christmas, Kubb Brothers #2 and #3 helped him make a kubb set in our dad's workshop. One game and we were instantly hooked. We then (out of curiousity) looked online for a premium kubb set in NZ, it didn't exist, so we figured we should be the ones to make that happen. Describe your creative space. The "kubb shed" as it's colloquially known, is a large, warm, dry woodshed with large garage doors opening out into the Tukituki Valley, it's a great place to work. We have every woodworking tool you could imagine in there, so there's no excuse for not getting the work done. When we're not in the shed, we're constantly sharing images and ideas on our Kubb Brothers Whatsapp group "Kubb... More
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Lil & Mift
Lil & Mift is a small home based candle business in Auckland, New Zealand.  'Our products are all lovingly handpoured using a premium soy wax, soy wax dye with high quality fragrance oil. We like to use soy wax as it has a cleaner burn, it releases no toxins into our breathing space! It also has a much longer burning time than regular wax-almost double the time-extra bonus. ​ We use wooden wicks as it not only looks awesome but also ties in the natural feel we wish to create and gently crackles when lit.'  Joanne McAleer     More

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