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Little Paper Hugs
At Little Paper Hugs our aim is to contribute to the excitement and delight of giving and receiving thoughtfully designed prints. With the added pleasure of decorating your home with awesome art. We're a husband and wife team who started Little Paper Hugs in 2017. The idea came from the fact that we're living away from family and friends and only ever communicate via technology. So we decided we wanted to bring back the thrill of finding a card, letter or gift in the mailbox that says someone is thinking of you.
Maci & Co.
The Little Handmade Baby Boutique | Home of the Braided Cotton Soother Clip
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Niche Textile Studio
Christine Brimer is the incredible artisan behind Niche Textile Studio. The picture below shows her loom - the tool she uses to carefully and lovingly create each product.  What inspired you to start? In each of my vocations, I have always looked for opportunities to solve problems. At 48 I took the plunge to learn the technical and rigorous critical thinking skills of design. Studying Textile Design at Massey University’s College of Creative Arts helped me learn to make meaningful work that resonates with others while addressing concerns for sustainability. New Zealand wool is an incredible fibre for interiors. Using undyed wool in my practice reduces energy and water requirements in yarn processing, and the soft and warm hues sit beautifully alongside flowers and foliage, art, and contemporary interior materials including timber, steel, concrete, brick and clay. Describe your creative space. I am lucky to have a dedicated work space with a view over Lyall Bay, Wellington. My 2 looms take... More
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Pompom NZ
PomPom NZ produces cotton & woollen beanies designed in New Zealand, woollen hats are made in NZ and the merino pompoms are handmade. Cotton flat peak hats with 5 panels and made of high quality cotton are designed in New Zealand.
Resin & Ink
Original, unique and beautiful art made from resin. Not one will be the same. These pieces of art made from resin and ink and are as dramatic as they are colourful. They can bring any room to life by their vivid nature, size and contemporary charm. They stir the imagination and mean different things to different people as they see in them what they want to.
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Time Piece
Hi, My name is Bea. I am from the southern end of Auckland (NZ), known as Papakura. I am currently still in school but will be graduating at the end of the year. Growing up, I have been inspired by the beautiful country I live in and the people that surround me. I have always been passionate about the great outdoors, channelling this love through visiting the surf and painting. I never planned to start making cakes. It freakishly happened one rainy Saturday in 2016. I can blame it on the new generation and modern technology which made it too easy to set up a hobby that I have developed to this day. Every cake I make is made with love, passion and a little creativity. I believe in the small things in life so every time a cake is made in my mothers kitchen (I owe you everything!), it is inspired by these small beautiful things. Anyway, I'm sure you've heard enough by now! In the next few years I am planning to continue this website as my creative outlet and regularly update my blog! I love getting in... More
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Woodland Finds
FORAGED. HANDCRAFTED. LOCAL. Woodland Finds is an amalgam of passions - love for the forest and its treasures, and the joy of creating.   All the plant materials - from the acorn caps to the wand woods - are handpicked from the forest floor, or foraged from various green spaces all over Auckland, New Zealand! These foraged flora are thoughtfully paired with the handpicked raw crystals and minerals, or glass beads, to become something quite unique.   Each handcrafted piece is created with a lot of care and patience, and with the hope that they be a tangible reminder of the beautiful green spaces that still exist around us.   More
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