The Foundry Collective Mission 
New Zealand has so many artisans who create amazing products: potters, painters, woodturners, shoemakers, tailors.... yet most of us still shop from the same mass-producing places. The places who use machines instead of hands and factories instead of workshops....the places that sell us fake products, and take our money to ruin our environment. Why do we still support them?
 To solve this problem, a Young Enterprise group based in Auckland have launched a movement to bring up artisan culture in New Zealand.

NZ’s Online Artisan Market
Revealing artisan culture to New Zealand.
We support the small businesses. Many of our small companies, or one-man businesses are overlooked. Why? Their products are altogether more exciting, more sustainable, more eco-friendly, and most importantly, have more love and care in the making. Who doesn’t appreciate that? Unfortunately, larger companies are more visible and accessible so they attract the majority of the population. Foundry Collective will MAKE SURE that our artisans are not overlooked! Our online marketplace is all about our people; our artisans who lovingly handcraft products and our website guests, who we aim to give the best shopping experience.
We represent New Zealand, so it is no surprise that we are CLEAN AND GREEN! Here at Foundry Collective, we believe in sustainability and care of the environment. Many of our artisans, as small business owners, share these same principles. Our marketplace can be defined by our three simple values...
1. Loyalty. We are loyal to the New Zealand culture, and especially our artisan culture. With this loyalty, we work to unite NZ artisans with like minded purchasers who love the handmade, local and quality product. Here at Foundry Collective, we are all about the people- our artisans who lovingly create their products with pain, passion and personality. We aim to reveal the incredible work of the artisans in their products to the rest of New Zealand. 
2. Awareness. We are aware of the environment and our impact on it. Therefore we ensure that every product on our website is... 
- Handcrafted
- Made in New Zealand
- Sustainable
- Eco- friendly 
None of the products on our website are mass produced, made by a machine or harmful to the environment in any way. 
And, lastly... 
3. Style. Simple- we love things that look great. 
And we're sure you do too!!
Welcome to Foundry Collective:) 

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