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Whimsy's very first print... 'The Anticipating A' is exactly that. A whimsical letter A with intricate detailing all done by hand using a fine black pigment ink pen. This A is eagerly awaiting your own customisation so that it can help Whimsy create its very own enchanted alphabet :)

Each print is printed on a piece of 250gsm A4 art paper. This print was created in September 2017 over the course of one week and took about 5 hours to complete.

This is the only whimsical letter i have created so far but am eager to draw more so if you would like a different letter i would be more than happy to create this for you. The designs for the chosen letter will be similar to The Anticipating A but not exactly the same as detail will vary with the shape of the initial.


Free Shipping around NZ! 

The last oppurtunity to order this stunning print before Christmas is on the 14th of December! Get in quick!

Lead time of 1 week

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