"Reggie" Speaker Suitcase

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Reggie has been around the block, seen a few things, told a few stories.  But he has got a second wind and a big upgrade! he is your perfect companion if you are looking for a sound system that has some great volume, and is also nice and portable . With his 10 inch full range speaker, and his two horns (just like the larger PA systems) he holds his own in a party situation, and sounds beautifully balanced at lower volumes too. 

Ideal Use - This is a great Multi Use unit

  • Home sound system, use as a functional piece for furniture, and multi room audio.
  • Portable sound system as this only weighs 6kg and had 12 hours of battery life. 
  • Take to the beach, park, or just move around the house. This case is perfect for any occasion.

Power - 100watts
Battery - 12 hours

Dimensions - 55cm (wide) x 32cm(high) x 19cm (deep)
Speakers - 1 x 10 inch full range, 2 x horns  
Casing - Retro Suitcase
Weight - 6kg
Connection - Bluetooth and 3.5 headphones cord connection.
Cords supplied - Power adapter. 

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