Lavender + Mauve Watercolour Scarf in Alpaca

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This limited edition scarf is handwoven from luxurious alpaca, silk and merino wool.  It features pools of colour created through a hand-dying process called warp painting.  Only a few scarves were created in each colour and as a result of the dying process, each one is absolutely unique.

Alpaca fibre is known for being extremely warm, lightweight and soft.  It is a lustrous and silky yarn, and is my favourite yarn to weave.  Alpaca fibre is low-irritant and contains no lanolin which makes it hypoallergenic.

Each Wrapt Weaving scarf is unique and contains around 500m (@ 550 yards) of yarn. As each yard of yarn is handled at least five times, these scarves are the absolute definition of hand made. They are only created in limited quantities so don't miss out!

Length: 69 inches / 176cm
Petite Length:  61 inches / 156cm
Width:  8 inches / 21cm
Fringe:  2.5 inches / 8cm
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If it’s made by hand, wash it by hand.  To look after your hand-woven item, hand-wash it in cool water with a gentle detergent.  You could machine wash it in a wash-bag on a cold, delicate cycle but as each washing machine varies, the safest bet is hand-washing.  Dry it flat or draped over a clothes horse, then press when still damp with a warm iron.

Woven in Rothesay Bay

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